Stylebook Closet App

Stylebook App

I live in an old house (built in the 50s) and a lot of times, old house is code for tiny to nonexistent closet space. There are only two closets in my entire house and this poses a huge storage challenge for everything, especially my clothes.

In our master bedroom we have one tiny closet, which my husband is using. For me to store my clothes, we had to buy a huge dresser and armoire. I love my dresser and armoire but sometimes it’s difficult to remember what clothes I actually have as I can’t easily see them all – out of sight, out of mind!

My clothing storage dilemma makes me reminisce back to the first time I saw the movie Clueless and Cher had that amazing revolving closet and computer program to pick out her outfits. From time to time when I’m tossing clothes everywhere in my bedroom trying to find an outfit, I think back to Cher and her amazing closet.

I was surfing on Pinterest the other day and I found out about an App called “Stylebook”. It looked interesting so I headed on over to the website to check it out! Finally someone has done it – they’ve taken the “Cher closet” technology and made it accessible to everyone on computers, smartphones and tablets – GENIUS!
I watched the video to learn more about the App (Stylebook Closet App Demo) and immediately purchased it. I’m so excited to finally get a handle on my wardrobe and to make my tiny space work best for me. I’ll let you guys know how using the App goes after I inventory my wardrobe and start putting outfits together.