Here is a list of some of the things I frequently use to enhance my life and grow my blog, as well as things I love! I thought they might be useful to you all. :)


Fightmaster Yoga – When I’m not practicing yoga at my local Bikram and Ashtanga studio, or in my house with my own freestyle flow, I like to pull up a free yoga class video from Lesley Fightmaster. Lesley has something for everyone – from Vinyasa to Flow, to Ashtanga, beginners, intermediate and Prenatal Yoga. She even has classes for inversions, handstands and headstands! If you really want to grow your private practice with guidance, I recommend checking her out! – I like to use this site to study up on the yoga asanas (poses) – there are photos of each asana, short videos to show you how to get into each pose as well as helpful diagrams to show you which muscle groups are working in each pose. There is also a shop to purchase all kinds of cool yoga gear and the option to purchase video classes.


Lose it! – I have been using this helpful app to track the foods I eat and my exercise as I work towards my health and fitness goals. I highly recommend this app as it is convenient (available for both iPhone and Adroid devices), has an extensive food and activity library and allows you to scan barcodes on food items for added logging convenience. It allows you to set weight loss goal, and then calculates what your caloric intake will need to be to reach your goal. It also has many helpful charts for us visual folks to see how we are tracking, working on our goals.

Vitacost – Sometimes it seems like maintaining your health can be a costly journey, and that’s why I use Vitacost. this is an online health store that sells high quality supplements, foods, spices, beauty products and essential oils at a fraction of retail cost. I frequently purchase soaps, coconut oil and many other things here!

Eat to Live – This is one of the best books on nutrition I’ve ever read. It really emphasizes a diet that is very rich in nutrients so you don’t have to count calories or take such a strict approach to eating healthy. It also has TONS of great recipes!