Eat to Live 90 Day Challenge

This week  marks the start of my embarking on a revived journey of health and wellness. I have decided that I need to lose about 96 pounds. I weighed myself this morning, and am the biggest I’ve ever been in my life. I am tired of feeling all of these low emotions and want to be healthier and happier, so I’ve decided to take some action.
For the next 90 days I’ve decided to take a challenge – I am working towards a healthier and more gentle lifestyle that consists of eating fruits, vegetables, soups and raw nuts.
My daily meal plan will consist of the: breakfast – a smoothie containing a protein powder, fruit, unsweetened almond or coconut milk, greens and chia seeds OR some sort of fruit; lunch – a big green salad and 1 to 2 servings of fruit; dinner – a big mixed green salad and a serving of fruit. On all of my salads I will strive to have beans and when I’m bored with eating salads I will substitute with soups (mainly bean based containing some cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower or broccoli) or steamed vegetables and beans.
My hope is to lose about 40 pounds by December with diet alone, and even more with the addition of exercise.

I have already been struggling with my cravings. On Tuesday I wanted a hamburger so bad, and I actually drove past Sonic during my lunch break and was able to talk myself out of it. Instead I ended up going to Harris Teeter to pick up a salad and some watermelon.

I feel proud that I was able to stand my ground and not succumb to my unhealthy cravings. I believe that if I document this process and continue to journal about it it will help me to be that much more successful.
I will also be tracking the food that I eat through the Lose It app. Not so much in an effort to count my calories as I am following the Eat to Live plan but more so in an effort to create a diary of the foods that I’ve been consuming over this 90 day transformation.
Combining a few different programs, I am changing the water that I drink as well, and this past weekend I went to Whole Foods and purchased a five gallon jug, filling it with alkaline water – water that is filtered and purified through reverse osmosis and has a pH of 10.5.
The whole notion of alkalinity is that your body wants to be in an alkaline state. Being alkaline means that your pH is more basic closer to a 14 on the pH scale of one to 14; one is more acidic. So as your body reaches a more alkaline state, no disease can exist in an alkaline environment – therefore the more vegetables,”good water” and alkaline things you consume, you create an alkaline environment. Additionally excess fat is often present in the body to protect organs from the acidic nature that the body is in. The more acidic you are the more fat you have present in your body. Once you begin to create an environment of alkalinity by consuming healthy organic fruits and vegetables, your body will no longer have a need to protect vital organs, and will release the fat.
Today is the third day of my healthy lifestyle change and I am feeling better than ever! Looking forward to the remaining 87 days.
In peace and love,
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    your woman invests in well balanced meals.

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