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  • Stylebook App

    Stylebook Closet App

    I live in an old house (built in the 50s) and a lot of times, old house is code for tiny to nonexistent closet space. There are only two closets in…

  • Mats (1)
    Health Yoga

    3 Easy Ways to Clean a Yoga Mat

    Whether you like to practice your asanas in the heat, Bikram or Hot Vinyasa style, or like to practice gentle flows in the comfort of your own home, it’s always a…

  • gratitude (3)

    7 Things I’m Grateful For

    I have a pretty busy life and today has been a very interesting day (and not the good kind of interesting)! When I find myself feeling low or not at my…

  • strawberries

    Eat to Live 90 Day Challenge

    This week  marks the start of my embarking on a revived journey of health and wellness. I have decided that I need to lose about 96 pounds. I weighed myself this morning, and…

  • MANIFEST (3)

    Manifest Your Destiny

    I love reading and learning and recently (in the last few years) have been on a “spiritual and authenticity binge” if you will, devouring books about tapping into your true self…