3 Easy Ways to Maximize Nutrition and Weight Loss in Your Life

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I have been on my 90 day challenge and have completed about 1/3 of the journey. With some of the journey completed, I am reflecting back on my progress and what things have been really working for me in feeling energized and healthy, losing weight, looking better and becoming a better me. What I’ve discovered is there are a lot of things you can do to get results, but the easiest things are the simple things you can incorporate and turn them into life staples. Here are the 3 easy ways I’ve found, to maximize nutrition and weight loss in your life:


I think I’ve said this before, but drink water and LOT’s of it. Some discretion can be exercised here if you are eating a diet full of fruits and veggies as these foods are high in water content. However, lots of water is necessary. Water is necessary in pretty much all of our bodily processes and that includes metabolism and cooling the body down during activity. In addition to just drinking plain old water, I’ve been eating a lot of fruits and veggies and mixing up my water consumption by drinking herbal teas (some of the teas I like are blueberry; green; black; nettle, fennel and peppermint).


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I pretty much eat these all day long. Following the Eat to Live approach, I fill myself up with low calorie high nutrition foods, so I don’t overeat on processed, empty calorie foods. In a typical day, I eat fruit (pineapple, berries, etc) for breakfast, a large salad for lunch and a large soup (broth based) or salad for dinner. I’ve found that eating like this has helped me to normalize my appetite and exercise better moderation AND I’m not as hungry because my body is actually getting nutrients rather than calories only.


When I was younger, I used to be an avid runner. I now dance and try to keep myself active. Over the first 30 days of this 90 day challenge, I have not really been seeking out scheduled work out sessions, I’ve just been trying to move more, i.e. taking the stairs, going on walks during my lunch break, walking with my doggy more, dancing. I think that this approach is takes the stress off a bit, because it’s a more natural way of approaching exercise. I have though joined in on some Bikram yoga classes, so I’ve been incorporating this as formal exercise.

So far on this challenge, I’ve been feeling very energized, lighter and have lost 11 lbs with not much effort. What are some of the things that you do to live a nutritious and balanced life?

 In peace and love!

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